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In this blog you're going to learn how to create an awesome slide deck. So the next time you're up on stage or doing any sort of presentation, I'm going to help you to make it look better. Hopefully this will help guide you so that you create an awesome slide deck and impress people who you are presenting to have a more memorable presentation. Also, will help you to stand out from all the other presenters out there who are going to be creating slide decks the normal, boring way.

Have you ever sat in on a presentation, whether at work or at a conference, where you literally just want to fall asleep or maybe you have fallen asleep or maybe you just lose interest and start checking your phone for email or Twitter or Instagram or play a game? It's the worst, right? You just want to leave.

You feel like you're wasting your time. Well, if you're a presenter, if you're up on stage presenting, this is obviously not what you want the audience to look like. You want to hold their interest. You want to captivate them, you want to engage them.

You want them sitting on the edge of their seats, listening and hanging on to every next word that you have to say. That's what we all want, and a lot of times we’re not able to do that.

One of the big reasons is because of the presentation slides that we have. Slides are an amazing tool.

Unfortunately, we don’t use the tool that allows us to create these slides correctly, PowerPoint or Keynote. We use them in a way that bores people to death. That's why there's this thing called death by PowerPoint.

This is a typical slide you'll see at presentations, at board meetings, at conferences and it's just you're killing people when you do things like this. I mean, the bullet point situation. They're called "bullet points" for a reason. Why? Because bullets kill people, right?

And because, when people start reading this from the top, they see all these bullet points, they start reading ahead, and when they do that, they don't listen to what you're talking about.

And that's what most people do. When they don't practice, they rely on the bullet points to help guide them through the presentation. And it just sounds boring shows that you haven't put in the practice.

This is what happens when you don't know the content and don't believe in yourself. But I'll tell you what: If you know what you're talking about and you do believe in yourself, you can make your presentation much more engaging. Here's the guiding principle, Slides are your trail guide. That's it. They're there to help trigger certain stories and case studies and things that you're going to say, but you're not reading off of them. They're there to trigger something, to be a visual to the story that you're telling, to the point that you're making. If you consider slides to be your trail guide, it's going to help you in so many ways. It’s always best to have a good design in all the slides. That’s a key factor in engaging audience and it also creates an exclusive image for your business or brand.

Now, you've probably sat in in presentations that are amazing, that have amazing-looking slides and then you try to do it yourself, you try to make it look great, but then you get frustrated and then you punch a hole in your computer because it's too much work.

Well, it doesn't have to be like that and I'm going to show you how. I'm going to give you certain tips to help you work your way through the slides so the next time you're on stage, you don't have to rely on your silly bullet points.

So let's get started. First up: Get the correct slide size. . You want to make sure you know what the size is, or what the ratio is of the slides you need before you start building your presentation because different conferences, different events require different slide sizes

Typically, the slides come in two different ratios or sizes: widescreen, which is 16 by 9, or standard, which is 4 by 3.

Contact the conference director or owner. Sometimes they will have a PDF file for you to read over. They may also give a template and you can use those to know what size ratio they have used

Number two, and this is a hard one, probably the hardest one: Don't use any bullet points. What? Yeah, try not to use any bullet points whatsoever. This is a gun-free zone. Bullets kill people. Try not to use any bullet points. Now there may be a part of your presentation where you will have to list a few things but there are a lot of ways to do so. You're going to make your presentations so much better if you try really hard not to use the bullet points. It's going to help guide you in other creative ways to share that content with your audience. No bullet points. Number three, Choose a style that works for you. Well, what do I mean by that? What I mean is pay attention to other presentations.

Go to sites like and and view as many presentations as you can. Try to find a style that you like and adopt that style for yourself. Now, I don't mean copy.

Don't copy the fonts, don't copy the images that they use, but copy the style.

Number three - Try to build a brand out of a presentation. What I mean by that is you should always have a theme of color pallets to follow. Suppose your company logo is blue and white color with a little red in it, then use these three colors to create your presentation. Don't go include a lot of colors in the presentation. You'd want to keep your presentation as minimalistic and neat as possible.

Number 4 - Always include HD Images in the slides. There is nothing worse than a bad pixelated image in a slide. It destroys the overall feel of the slide and even the presentation.

I hope this article helps you create a good if not killer presentation. Go and WOW your audience.

If you need any help with your presentation, please feel free to get in touch with us at

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