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PowerPoint Presentation Designed by us

Most of are presentations are protected by non disclosure agreement. However, below are a few sample presentations in video format designed by our team.  All of them have been custom designed on PowerPoint according to the clients requirements. Unlike other agencies, we use different colors in our presentation which compliments the overall brand. All of the slides have been carefully designed to have a brand consistency and elegance. 

7 W Data

Yves Mulker

Sharing his passion on data and view on the world of data and a proud member of the BBBT, IIBA, DAMA, tdwi, Yves is a global networker and highly connected to fellow thought leaders in the data scene. He approached us for a presentation for his new book 7W Data Blog which answers the question "how to be successful with data"
The presentation was elegantly designed with a modern background theme. Clean  animations and transitions used throughout the presentation, the end results were extremely satisfying for the client. 


Pitch Deck Presentation

CardView solves the problem of traditional business cards being boring by using augmented reality to showcase videos on a paper made business card.  The young founders of the company had a chance to present their idea at the sillicon valley in hopes for an angel investment. We designed their PowerPoint using a "technological theme" and bright colors. The presentation designed by us helped them get offers from over 50 investors for their product at the show. 


Pitch Deck Presentation

Pablito is the new ridesharing stage in Latin America. The presentation had to include a lot of images. We kept the balance between text and pictures so that the message of the presentation wasn't lost. The presentation was a pitch deck for investors and Pablito went on to raise funds successfully. 

One Payment

Pitch Deck Presentation

One Payment is a payment gateway provider. They required a pitch presentation to raise funds. They had an existing presentation but required a lot revamping. We kept the presentation short and sweet and used modern colors to make it more visually appealing. 

James Vugo

Pitch Deck Presentation

Vugo provides a platform for advertisers to target passengers with relevant ads.  They required a clean minimalistic look on the presentation. Our team created a stylish deck while maintaining the brand aesthetic on all the slides. Vugo went on to win the Minnesota Cup’s high tech division competition and successfully raised 1M dollar in seed funding. 


Sales/Pitch Presentation

This company expands on a 6+ man-year push to build up an ease amazing bicycle control meter in light of a licensed optical sensor innovation from Danish Technical University. They turned to us to create a modern looking presentation to attract investors. The end results were a stylish looking combination of infographics and pictures, making it visually engaging. They too went on to raise funds successfully.  

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